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Backcountry Skiing

Just a little Skitour in our Backcountry with some friends, Martin Fiala, Andy Schauer and Hannes Namberger. It started early, we put the Skins under our Skis and up to the powder.


Yesterday it stopped snowing and we took advantage of the time. Together with Thomas Hlawitschka and a couple friends we were Skiing the Backcountry. Today I went to the Thannheiner Valley, where Martin Fiala, Andy Schauer and two Ski-Cross Racers waited, to Ski finally Allgäu powder. According to the motto "earn your turns", we hiked up to the summit of Ponten.

Thomas Hlawitschka

Thannheimer Valley | Ponten


Two day review – Sunday I was in Warth to documentry the Powderchase Event. Wind effected snow at the upper region, keeps us in between the trees... – After the short high pressure system yesterday, it starts dumping today again and so I was shooting with Thomas Hlawitschka in the Ammervalley Forest.

Thomas-Hlawitschka | Ammervalley


Before I go in the Office I have to check the situation on the northside of the Karwendel. The Images looking better than it was. In the middle part is a lot windeffected Snow, if you need a new Structur on your Skis, go for it

Ammergauer Alps

Only half a day in the mountains to use the current conditions.

First Snow 2017

After the first great snowfall of the past days, we went to the mountain to get an overview of the current situation. Unfortunately, the underlay is missing, it will take some time until it is ready.

Wetterstein Mountains

Winter Preparation

The past weeks I spend a lot time, next to work in the office, in the mountains to be fit for the coming season. Because of the current snowsituation mostly over 3000 meters on Tour and when the time was scarce somewhere on an artificial snow slope.

Grand Sant Bernardo
Stubai Alps | Zuckerhüttl
Pitztal | Wildspitze
Ötztal | Weißseespitze
Stubai Alps | Wilder Pfaff